Lighting for your beauty center

Lighting for your beauty center
24 Jan 2021 / by admin in Design, Light

The lighting creates the special atmosphere that makes your beauty center unique. Highlight your best products, create an atmosphere in which customers and employees feel comfortable, and fully enhance your brand experience. Next, we give you some lighting tips to help you make your beauty salon more attractive, entice clients to come in and improve your sales thanks to the power of light.

Lighting for your beauty center

Pay special attention to the shop window and facade

The interface is your business card, and it’s the first thing that attracts and interests a customer. With the right lighting concept, you can wield incredible power that gets people to stop. Use a lot of small lights instead of a few very large lights. Often large, bright lights will cast darker shades that will not work for you, for example when applying the dye, because you will not see the actual color.

One of the best options is to avoid fluorescent light. Although these lights are not expensive to maintain, they are not a good option because they are very harsh and tend to make people look very pale. In general, he tries to combine lights in your workplace with daylight, adequate windows and sufficient sunlight, and look for bulbs or bulbs that work or try to match natural light, which can help a lot.

To well illuminate the shop window, you need to take into account some factors.

Beauty center

Where your salon is located and the outdoor lighting conditions you encounter will help you decide whether you should use more artificial light (more outdoor lighting, more artificial lighting) to illuminate and highlight your products.

The size of the shop window is crucial in any beauty center

larger shop windows need more light and the light should focus on the products, to highlight them, directing them from the part closest to the facade inward, to avoid dazzling the people who come to see them. And choose light that maintains the tonal level of colors; White light distorts them, and warm light, depending on the colors, does not give vibrancy. The best is the neutral (over 4000 K).

You will also have to consider the size of your products and the colors prevailing in the shop window. Dark colors absorb more light and therefore require more light than lighter colors.

Steady lighting does not allow the lighting effects to be tampered with and often misuses the monolithic overhead lighting. It is very important to design a display where the spotlights are mobile and allow to adapt both the type and direction of the light depending on what you want to highlight.

Create a relaxing atmosphere in the reception and waiting room

Today, good sales results are dependent on the ability to create a relaxing atmosphere where customers can have fun while discovering your products. Getting a unique experience is a motivation for clients to prolong their visit and feel more comfortable in your beauty salon. The more time your clients spend in your beauty center , the more willing they are to purchase.

Sparkling white light can be used to highlight your products and narrow beam lighting to increase contrast and create a more intimate atmosphere.

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In booths it’s essential that your customers show their best looks. Attractive light will make your customer look and feel good, creating a positive experience that will influence the buying behavior. Getting the correct color temperature means showing the product in all its glory. Precise use of dynamic lighting will allow you to change environments with every treatment.

Your cabins should provide a comfortable atmosphere that makes your clients feel completely comfortable and relaxed. Cool down the atmosphere and the atmosphere in general so that your customers seem very favorable. Halogen light has the special advantage of providing a type of lighting that adds warmth and creates welcoming climates.


If you want good lighting in the bathroom, it is best to install a general light using spotlights, lamps, and spots in a fun combination. One of the options for completely lighting the mirror area is to use spots or incandescent lamps on the sides.

As you can see, lighting can have a positive effect on a client’s emotions during treatment. The color temperature and light intensity can be used to magnify the effects. Your main goal is to create a dynamic space capable of incitement, attraction, surprise and delight, uplifting your spirits and making a sensation. And if you want more decoration advice for your beauty center, please feel free to click on this link.

It complements the sense of good lighting and the effects it can produce on your team and clients, with excellent management that allows you to organize everything well in your daily life. Lighting makes your life easier, because with it you can take full control of your business and help you focus on delivering impeccable service to your clients.

The lighting creates the special atmosphere that makes your beauty center unique. Before deciding what type of lighting to install on your hairdressing project, study the furniture, style, and architecture of the building. Only then will you be able to create the environment you are looking for.

One of the most crucial aspects when creating our beauty salon or hairdresser; In addition to equipment and furniture, is lighting; You can not allow poor lighting to create shadows on the face when applying makeup, or prevent the appearance of nuances in the hair when applying color; It is not just a matter of the atmosphere and the environment; It is also important; It is a problem that directly affects the quality, results of your work, and the customer’s perception of it; At the end of the day, you’re working with shapes, textures, and colors, which you have to define with perfect clarity, and for which you obviously need the best lighting.

In general, it is advised to avoid shadows, so the key point is to use diffused or indirect lighting, as a lamp that helps you achieve these two aspects is one that diffuses direct and indirect light.


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