Choose children’s room lighting

Choose children’s room lighting
26 Jan 2021 / by admin in Design, Light

The choice of children’s lamps cannot be underestimated.  The child spends a lot of time in the room learning and studying, so the room should be well lit.  But be careful not to shine directly into children’s eyes.  The second important condition for lighting a child is his safety, and perhaps all parents know very well how exploratory children can be.

Children’s room lighting

Chandeliers in different colors and shapes


. When purchasing children’s lighting, be sure to consider the size of the room, the number and pattern of windows, the color of the walls, the furniture and the carpet.  Since the children’s room is not only used as a bedroom, but also as a playroom and later used for study, the lighting is definitely not enough. 

 The base is a central light.  If you have a low ceiling, choose a surface lamp, and we recommend a pendant lamp for a higher ceiling.  Either way, you can choose from an incredible variety of shapes and sizes, from minimalist ceiling lights to football-style spotlights to chandeliers like an airplane.  Always prefer diffused lighting.

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When purchasing children’s lighting we will also need light sources for the lights.  Remember that a children’s room is often filled with colors that change under different types of lamps.  Classic lights bring out warm colors, and fluorescent lights bring out cool colors.  It provides less distortion than the original halogen lamps, which unfortunately consume a lot of energy.  More and more popular are LEDs, which are very inexpensive and can actually glow with different light colors.

The children’s lamp must be flexible

 A wall lamp is suitable for the sleeping area, and the intensity of the light should be chosen according to the age of the child.  In the case of a young child, a less bright light is sufficient, allowing him to sleep in silence.  For older children who read before bed, more intense light is preferred.  We recommend crib directional lighting.  It has a motion sensor, so it automatically lights up and turns off again after a moment.  Plus, it’s portable and fits perfectly in a little kid’s hand.  Some guide lights can also glow softly at night, so a child may not be afraid of complete darkness.

When furnishing a room for a schoolboy, pay special attention to the lighting of the office.  For writing, the recommended light intensity value is 500 lux.  And table lamps are better because they can be moved around the table to change the direction and intensity of the light.  Best of all, the lamp also has a flexible arm, so the child simply adjusts the tilt of the light.  To avoid darkening the writing or reading area, the right side should have a lamp on the left and right side of the table.  

Which lighting to choose for a children’s room

 Regarding the type of lamp to choose, the type of LED will be chosen, mainly because it is not overheated, which reduces the possibility of accidents.  In addition, LED lights are very practical, and they adapt to all spaces, especially those for young people and children, due to their variety of shapes and sizes.

 Lighting, as we have already discussed in previous installments, is a key component of space decoration, which is complemented by a choice of furniture, wall colors, textiles, and curtains.  Therefore, the room of the smallest house cannot be left outside.

 Light is an essential ingredient in creating fun spaces

It has a direct effect on mood as well as health in general, as well as on a smaller home. The light should illuminate the area from a height of about 30 cm (depending on the height of the child) and the angle of incidence should be 60-70 degrees.  To avoid dazzling the lamp, the lamp should have an opaque cover and the lamp should not protrude from it. 

 Also remember that the lamp must be on a stable, flat surface to prevent it from falling off.  When working at a table, it is a good idea to have another light source switched on at the same time as the lamp, so that when you lift your eyes away from the lamp into the room, there is no such sharp transfer of light that causes eye strain.  Floor lamps or other lamps with long wires are not appropriate in children’s rooms.

What should be remembered when choosing a children’s lamp?


As with the purchase of other items, ask about the origin of the products and whether they comply with European safety standards. 


 For each children’s lamp, you need to know some basic data: length, width, height and also the lamp that you can place it in, so the type of socket or wire, wattage and voltage must be indicated.

More kinds of lanterns

 In order to adequately illuminate the room, more types of lighting are needed.  As center lighting, we recommend using a pendant lamp that we can replace with spotlights.  In the bed we put a lamp or application table.  For younger children we recommend using guide lights.  It is not recommended to purchase floor lamps, as children may injure themselves with wires.

Childish look

 You look at the practical side, and your child can really choose a design.  The kids’ lighting picture is available nowadays in various designs for boys and girls – animals, fairy tale characters, movies, sports themes, toy cars.

Suitable bulb

 Once you have identified the light, purchase a suitable light source.  We do not recommend using a conventional filament lamp that is hot during operation, until the child has a burn.  Due to the high efficiency it is the best choice: LED bulb or energy saving bulb.

When planning a room for the smallest house, we must combine two basic elements: on the one hand, the definition of a safe and sustainable space, and on the other hand, the appropriate lighting for that place.  This last point is of utmost importance because lighting plays a major role in children’s growth, imagination, productivity, and development.

For children’s rooms

It is necessary to choose lamps with indirect lighting, because they need lighting that softens and diffuses glare.  We have to bet on pendant lights from the ceiling or wall sconces.  Another option is that the lamps have animal shapes or bright colors to stimulate attention.  As children grow, the bulbs will shift with them.  Proven to love shape and movement, so lighting can be specified by more than one color, or by shades of color starting from the same lamp.  Then, for children who are already studying or reading, it is recommended to use flexible and adjustable desk lamps at the table, which creates a new environment in the room for academics and reading in general.


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