Design : Why Lighting is The Most Important Design Feature?

Design : Why Lighting is The Most Important Design Feature?
03 Jan 2021 / by admin in Design, Light

There are Important Design Feature that we must pay attention to. Enter a friendly, accommodating space and feel relaxed instantly. Join the same room with not enough or hard illumination, and your mood is totally shifting. Why is that the case, however?

Lighting impacts the health and welfare of people, biologically and physically. Healthy lighting design scientifically can help to balance the circadian rhythm, boost your overall mood and lead to better sleep at night. Good light can lead to depression psychologically and also enhance cognitive efficiency, such as reaction times.

How does that effect your space design?


Lighting should be approached from the very beginning when designing your room. Work with the lighting designer and involve them in talks with the architect, electrician, and all other project professionals to ensure that everybody is on the same page. A collaborative development process produces an effective project that is more likely to produce an incredible end result.

Light concept Illusion of space

The space in a room may feel cramped and tight without adequate lighting. A brighter and more impressive space is shaped by the effective distribution of light within a region. Mainly because shadows and the dark/hard lighting have been removed. Professional lighting designers use a technique called “layered lighting” to create a more spacious space. This means that several light sources are used to establish the desired atmosphere and effect. This “layered lighting” technology consists of ambient, task and accent lighting and all serve multiple purposes.

Improving lighting design efficiency

This is largely a question of working environments, but home offices may also benefit. Bad lighting can decrease employee productivity and improve their productivity by good lighting. This represents the biological and physical impacts of lighting, as previously described, when someone has a high mood, their efficiency improves and the lighting is an important factor.

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The advantage of lighting design is versatility.

Setting the ideal mood for your room is simpler than ever, with the ever increasing advances in technology and lighting control. Working with an experienced expert in smart lighting and managing, you have the ability to dim lights, choose between pre-fixed lighting scenes and more. Because of the effect on customer experience, lighting controls have become increasingly common in hostels.


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