Reducing your electricity bill: best practices

Reducing your electricity bill: best practices
14 Feb 2021 / by admin in Light

Small gestures like using low-light bulbs, taking advantage of daylight, or changing your marketer can go a long way when trying to lower your electricity bill. Search this complete guide for everything you need to know to get it.

The electric bill makes you shiver …

For the vast majority of Spanish households, the electricity bill is synonymous with anxiety and headache.

Large amounts in the kWh rate for electricity, new hourly rates, less information, constant increases. The list is endless and the consumer is forced to pay more and more attention to his bill, in order to save as much as possible and fight high prices.

However, due to the huge number of factors affecting the total electricity bill, the customer must know how and at what points it can be an active part and generate a sustainable energy supply economy.

Understand your electricity bill

Before evaluating the actions and gestures you’ll take to save your electricity bill, it’s important to analyze whether you really are able to understand your electricity bill.

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Well, knowing how to read their content you can figure out where and how to put the savings into action.

While it is true, as of July 2014, the electricity bill has changed its old look to a simpler and simpler one, consumers are still unable to understand what they are paying.

That’s why, before plunging into the adventure of how to lighten your pocket, find out where your money is going.

What do you consume at home?


To reduce costs, it is very important to know what appliances you consume inside your home and to what extent.

This is an easy process to perform and the best you can do is purchase an instant meter and install it in the home electrical panel. While these devices, which can be bought online at very attractive prices, are not accurate measuring instruments, they will give you a rough idea of ​​electrical appliances that are wasting energy.

Lower the contracted force

When hiring a marketer, you should avoid hiring more kilowatts, because adjusting the contracted electrical power according to your actual consumption will result in a slight but continuous saving on your electricity bill.

For this, it is essential to know what power the house needs, which will depend on the amount and type of electronic devices you have and the power they need to operate. To see if you’ve contracted the right power, it is best to look at ICP’s behavior, because if it never jumps, that could mean it is bypassing the needs of electrical appliances.

If the contracted power is adjusted according to the real needs of the house, the savings may be up to 300 € per year, because for every kilowatt of energy reduced, the saving is about 35.6 € per year.

Choose the rate marked by the hour

Another way to save is to contract a rate with an hourly mark. With this type of contract, you will be able to get a better price per kilowatt hour for the light consumed at certain times, and thus, decide when to spend the energy. By changing some of the habits of the watch in terms of consumption, the bill can be reduced by up to 35%.

Lighting savings

One of the most effective ways to reduce electricity costs is to improve your home’s lighting system. Yeah! Well, it accounts for about 15% of the total energy use in a home. Some tips to achieve this purpose are:

Installing timers or motion detection sensors is a good solution to turn off the lights automatically. Dimmers or power regulators change the level of illumination according to the amount of light needed. The use of low-energy lights reduces consumption and provides the same level of illumination.

Beware of electric gadgets

By using household electrical appliances correctly and efficiently, you can save very few Euros per month, and this is because the cost of electrical appliances accounts for about 56% of consumption.

However, you do not have to be careful when the devices are working. Unnecessary consumption occurs when switched off. Well, most electrical appliances continue to use energy when turned off.

This is called a “phantom download,” which generally occurs in televisions, DVD players, stereos, computers, and kitchen appliances. Remember that in a typical home, 75% of the energy used by the appliances is consumed when they are turned off.

To avoid false charges and savings that could, in some cases, reach close to 50% of the total bill, it is recommended that all appliances, but all of them, be disconnected when not in use.


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