The best 5 lighting hacks for small areas with headlights

The best 5 lighting hacks for small areas with headlights
17 Feb 2021 / by admin in Light

LED lights are a huge success in small areas because they are more efficient, provide maximum light and last longer. Highly recommended when we have a home where the ceiling is low or spaces are small. On some occasions it is convenient for us to light other types of smaller rooms in the house.

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For all this, today we will discover some keys to illuminate small areas when installing LED headlights. In addition, we will see all the advantages that this type of light bulbs have and the reasons why they are necessary in young children’s rooms. Because we can not only save by using flood lights, but we also feel more secure.

1. LED lights protect in small areas

LED spotlights are a good choice for children’s room lighting. The little ones can spend hours playing or doing homework in their room. Using LED flood lights will mean big savings that can be up to 80%. However, there is a great thing about this type of lamp is that it is much safer than conventional lamps In a children’s room or in our workplace if we are working from home, this type of lighting is the best. The reason is that it heats up much less than a regular light bulb, which also means not releasing much heat, which is something we’ll appreciate in the summer.

Another reason why these bulbs would work well if we usually had light for hours is because they don’t contain filaments that could break. Therefore, the lamp does not “go off”. This allows to avoid possible burns or fires that could endanger the health and lives of people living with us.

2. Perfect lighting for low ceilings in small areas

High ceilings do not have much of a problem, however, low ceilings are a challenge to lighting. The goal is to make it appear taller, giving the room a more open and spacious look. For this, the best option is to choose spotlights, although we must take care of some things that will be necessary.

Comfortable lamps, for example, are essential to avoid holes in a room and if what we are looking for is to take up as little space as possible. If the light is scarce, we can use a wall lamp. Floor lamps are not recommended as they will significantly reduce space.

3. The strategic areas are illuminated by spotlights

LED spotlights help illuminate those small areas where we need more focused lighting. For example, in a living room, we may need direct lighting at the dining room table. However, in the kitchen, we may want to place a LED spotlight that shines the ceramic glass … in the rooms. If we have a suspended ceiling, then we can place suspended or asymmetric ceilings. This way, we’ll prevent us from being highlighted when we’re in bed, which can be very annoying.

4. A warm light or a cold light?

When we choose to light small areas with LED spotlights, we have to look at what type of spotlight we get because there are different colors. The warm light has a yellow-orange hue that adds a sense of warmth. On the other hand, the cold light is less stressful to the eye, but it is not warm.

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If what we want is to illuminate small areas in the living room, bedroom, hallways or bathrooms with LED lights, then it is better to choose warm lighting. If we are looking for spotlights to illuminate our garage, kitchen, study room, our work, garden or balcony, it is better to choose cold or white lighting.

5. Decoration with spotlights

Another key to lighting small spaces with LED spot lights is that they can help us decorate, thus, making rooms appear more spacious. For example, we can use it to light up shelves. Also, it is important to direct spotlights at cabinets, for example. This is known as indirect light and allows the room to gain space.


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