What about customer testing in any design process?!

What about customer testing in any design process?!
31 Dec 2020 / by admin in Light

Customer testing in the design process has great importance.  We go to work in the dark, we go home in the dark, we look at the screens, and we are exposed to artificial light constantly. Many people, especially in the world’s urban centres, do not even realise how illumination influences their lives, moods and even goodness. Many experiments demonstrate how our daily and inner “body clock” affects the direction we want to light up our lives.

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Today more than ever designers and producers have asked each other and testing : what good lighting, what good lamp design today? What good lighting? Still high are LEDs going? If it’s blue or red light? Visual lighting or rather transparent indirect lights for the living room? How does the lighting of the hotel vary from the lighting of the house, the decoration of the kitchen? What do producers and lighting designers foresee from lighting firms and what is ideal for them? This is a list that continues!


We only have to behave in the new world. On the road to work and even at home at work. Not unexpectedly, people sound increasingly drained. Little know, just how much energy and well-being lighting should provide. Regular darkness or artificial light emission cannot be proportionate with the internal clock of the human body.

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Before testing, There are two important aspects when it comes to the relationship between light and well-being: the physiological aspect and the emotional aspect.  The latter is something that we have all experienced at some point in our lives.  Everyone has positive memories associated with light;  Candles and warm lighting during the Christmas period, sitting by a fire, or waking up to a bright sunny day on a day off.  We have all felt the effect of light on our emotions and moods;  We have emotional intelligence in us both intuitive and intuitive.

Consider the pendulum of speed which gives a speed to a musician. Light testing is a signal which encourages a variety of physiological reactions. There have been thorough demonstration and documentation of the effects of lack of illumination. For instance, experiments suggest that shifting light and dark everyday cycles control the reproduction of the female mice and that the menstrual cycle of a woman is actually halted if kept in darkness for a prolonged time. Other indicators of emotional well-being and distress are evident. Briefly, for our health light is incredibly essential. It can control much of our bodies and influences our feelings tremendously. Sadly, our natural link to light seems to have lost in metropolitan environments.


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